Sajan Kot: Indian Wedding Tradition in Focus

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Elaborate Table/Chair Setting in an Indian Wedding


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Silver Thali adorned with delicious food. 


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An Indian wedding is high on festivity, rituals and traditions. All these traditions are very interesting. All the guests and family members remain engaged in these rituals. One such ceremony is the Sajan Kot. Sajan Kot is a proper ceremony in itself and is planned by the Bride’s family. Sajan Kot occurs after the Jai Mala and before the Pheras. Sajan Kot is an elaborate setting of food for the groom’s side. The family of the Groom sits together with the Bride and Groom and they are served food by the Bride’s family. The food is served in silver thalis to the groom. One big elaborate table is set with the entire family sitting together. Every item on the menu is served on this table. The birde’s brothers have the main role in this ceremony. It is the brothers of the bride that make sure that the Groom and his family have eaten properly. More-so, they have over-eaten properly. The silver thalis are then gifted to the groom. This is just another way to welcome and serve the Groom and his family. It is only after the Groom’s side has eaten that the Bride’s family eats. In a big fat Indian Wedding, there is hardly any family member that eats. Sajan Kot is a special ceremony that makes sure everybody has eaten well.



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