The Role of Sindoor in Indian Weddings

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Auspicious – yes, it jingles the same when talked about the significance of red color in Indian weddings. The red color is used in many customs allied with Indian weddings and, in fact, the bride’s ‘Solah Shingar’ is considered imperfect without it. As a matter of fact, this color is a sign of fiesta, purity, and goodwill – and when it comes to Sindoor, it enriches the charm of every bride.

Sindoor – As a Symbol of Long life

The Sindoor signifies Indian tradition that indicates the nuptial status of women. Applying gleaming Sindoor on the forehead by Indian women is also connected to their companion’s life. It’s believed that the husband’s life is in proportion to the extent of the Sindoor. It’s a heavenly blessing.

Physiological Importance

The tradition of applying sindoor has been following for over five thousand years. In line with Hindu folklore, a woman has to apply it till the last breath of her husband. It’s prepared using turmeric, mercury, plus lime, which has a physiological significance and this is the reason that Indian brides feel completely hassle-free on their entirely busy Indian wedding day. Also, it greatly helps women in controlling the blood pressure and keeping the mind focused and on the go.

What’s more? Red sindoor on the wedding day don’t just make the brides look dazzling, but it also adds elegance to their persona.

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