Pre Wedding Ritual

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As soon as the couple agree to wed, the roka or saith ceremony, which is an announcement that the boy and girl have found their soulmates and will look no further for a life partner, is held. Usually conducted at the girl’s house, it involves a small puja and exchange of gifts between the families.


This Pre Wedding Ritual generally takes place at the groom’s house. Sacred fire ceremony named “havan” is performed. The girl’s father applies the “tikka” (made of kesar, rice grains and flower petals) on the boy’s forehead who takes the blessing from the girl’s family members. Each of the relatives and friends present from the girl’s side then offers mithai to the boy and gives cash.

Chunni Chadana

On this occasion, the bride is presented a red chunni by her sister/sister-in-law of her future husband and is fed boiled rice and milk by her future mother-in-law. A havan is also conducted to observe these rituals. Also a tika ceremony is held in the honor of the bridegroom.

After this function start the fun and dance. There is a sangeet function hosted by the girl’s family, in which just a few close members of the boy’s family are invited. The girl’s family play the dholki (an elongated tabla) sing songs inwhich they tease the boy and his family, telling them to thank their stars they were lucky to find such a wonderful girl. who they probably didn’t deserve! All in jest, of course, but they take care not to get carried away. After this, it is the boy’s turn to retaliate, which they do in another sangeet function hosted by them.


The last major function before the wedding is the mehendi. Mehendiwallis are called to the respective houses of the boy and girl and they apply mehendi to the palms of the female family members, and the hands and feet of the bride. A basket containing bindis and bangles is handed around so girls can choose those that match the outfit they plan to wear to the wedding.


A couple of days prior to the wedding, Haldi, a scented powder consisting of barley flour, turmeric, and mustard oil is applied to the bodies of both the bride and the groom-to-be and is followed by a ritual bath. It is believed that this pre wedding ritual of the Haldi  purifies the individual.


Chuda Ceremony
The chuda ceremony is supposed to be conducted by the maternal uncle, who helps the bride put on the set of a red and cream ivory bangles known as Chuda. A havan is performed by a priest to mark this occasion. The priest also places an iron bangle with shells and beads along with a mauli on the girl’s priest. Flower petals are showered on the girl after the ceremony and prasad is distributed among all.

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