Exclusive Wedding Gifts For Wedding Couples

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The perfect wedding gift can be a challenge to find, and when the bride and groom already have everything, it makes the task even more impossible.
The ‘official’ wedding season is here with your best friend’s special day looming around. So are you jittery about what to buy for the soon to be married couple? Fret not, because we have just the right gifts that will make a wow-worthy impression on your mate and his beloved!
The idea is to buy something memorable and yet fit for practical use. It should serve as a token of affection and a symbol of good wishes for their new beginning.
So get shopping, as we’ve already done the hard work for you and present the top-notch choices based on different kinds of wedding gift ideas for couples.

Give the new couple a taste of the high-life at the HIX Champagne & Caviar Bar, overlooking Oxford Street’s bustling Selfridges accessory hall. Book the experience through GiveTruly and they will organize the whole evening. The happy couple will be able to relax at the stunning pewter bar with a glass of champagne and sample three dishes each containing a Mottra caviar. Sounds like the perfect date night to us.

If you’re willing to splash out, give the lovebirds a trip they will never forget by booking a romantic driving holiday. Let the loved-up couple experience the “romantic road route” which passes through quaint villages. The highlight of the trip has to be a visit to the fairytale.

Create a personalised picnic basket that the bride and groom can take on romantic outings. Make the couple the envy of fellow park-goers by customising the basket to include items that suit their individual tastes.

Why not gift something that can help the couple capture their favorite moments and exhibit it in a chic manner?
Making something from scratch adds a truly personal touch to a wedding gift. Design an album with the couple’s favourite wedding snaps, and try out different patterns and colour schemes to match the theme of their wedding day.

The happy couple will love these heart-designed wine glasses for romantic evenings in, or can use them to host dinner parties as newlyweds.

As the couple officially begins their time together, a classic watch can be a representation of your love to let them know that the time they spend together is priceless. Make your pick from the amazing Bandhan Collection that exhibits a stunning assortment of a tasteful watch set for the couple.

Custom made fragrance is a particularly thoughtful and sensual wedding gift or wedding favour- how lovely to design your very own perfume to wear on the special day, and, as scent is so closely linked to memory; what a beautiful way to invoke nostalgia and remembrance years later when you unstopper your wedding perfume and all those sweet memories come flooding back to you.

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