Bridal Mehndi :: White Henna Tattoos – A New Craze

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whitehennaThe fashionable girls, these days, are falling for the white henna tattoos. They’re crazy for this new fashion trend is touching the skyline. We know that henna is a must all through wedding season and festivals. But getting beautiful white henna tattoo designs on the hands and feet has turned out to be a popular practice throughout the year. Well, this is something that we can call a break from the usual black, brown, and red colored henna designs.

White Henna Tattoos – An Ideal Fashion Accessory!
The popular designers of the fashion industry say that they have never experienced this much crazy over the body art than they’ve in the past few months over white henna. We can’t deny that today it has come to be a must-have for fashionable girls and the would-be brides want to put on it as jewelry on their mehndi ceremony. This product seems to be absolutely gorgeous on dark & olive-toned skin textures, in particular, and this makes it a perfect fashion accessory for brides to wear on their big day.

Henna Or Permanent Tattoos – Which Would You Go For?
These both tattoo types are different. Where white henna tattoos are in fashion, some choose to go for permanent tattooing. A good thing about henna tattoos is that they can merely last for 2 weeks. Permanent tattoos, on the other hand, will stay on your skin for the rest of your life, until, obviously, you choose to have it removed. Another reason that many girls prefer henna tattoos is that they are painless as compared to the permanent ones.

This season the trend of white henna is back with a bang to sway the fashionable women from corner to corner of the world. Its styles for this season are bold, prevailing and exceptionally tribal which give the brides a chance to boast their matchless personality and flaunt their splendor. What is more, white henna is not just about floral patterns, and you can choose from a variety of designs that go well with the color and outline of your wedding outfit. For instance, if you are going to wear a pale pink or mint green lehenga, then of course white henna will do the magic on your looks.

Expert’s Advice:
It’s just perfect if you decide on wearing white henna tattoos or mehndi, but take care of the equipment that will be used. Check that they are dirt free and sanitized. It’s always better to be protected than sorry while attempting anything that is new.

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