3 Most Common Mistakes When Buying Bridal Jewellery

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Weddings, in particular nowadays, can be very difficult events as everyone’s attention is on the bride, and this is why it’s important to get a look that doesn’t draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Remember, where the choice of correct accessories can add to the appearance, wrong Bridal jewelry pick can ruin the entire look.

Let’s have a look on the 3 most common slip-ups that brides are supposed to make when looking for their bridal jewellery.

Selecting Bridal Jewellery before Lehenga

Okay, we know taking your time to buy bridal lehenga is important but if you buy the bridal jewelry before this – it’s a mistake. Yes, the outfit is very important and it’s not so easy to come across the right one. If truth be told you don’t want the further stress of having to match the outfit with some accessories you have chosen already.

The idea is – if you like some specific kind of wedding jewelry, bear the designer in mind – possibility is that you can still try their accessories. But you are advised to wait until you’ve your wedding lehenga in hand.

Overlooking the Details of the Outfit          

Yes, the very common next mistake you can make is to ignore the fine points of your wedding lehenga. After you have decided on your wedding lehenga and are in the hunt for matching bridal jewelry, it’s time to consider each and every precise detail like beadwork, embroidery, colors, shades, and patterns. Also, make certain that the jewelry go well with the overall ‘appearance’ you have in your mind.

Inapt Neckline

It’s also very important but still ignored by many women. With any outfit and necklace arrangement, it is good to give attention to the lines twisted by the necklace and outfit. If we talk about V-necks, they normally suit with drop or pendant style and a round neckline, on the other hand, go best with a plain round necklace. However, square necklines & strapless look good on all sorts of necklace but don’t forget to reflect on the necklace

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