Amazing Indian Brides: What They Say And What They Actually Think!

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Indian brides are just amazing in many different ways – be it their beauty, their grace & talent to carry heavy bridal outfit & jewelry, and countless thoughts dancing in their mind. Every bride is supposed to fix a plastic smile on her face all through the wedding ceremonies – after all she is the highlight and has to look perfect in all the wedding pictures. Today, we have brought you a few quintessential things that Indian brides say, but they actually mean something else. Yes! You got it right. It’s gonna be huge fun. Have a read:


  1. What they say: “Thank you so much for being a part of our big day, Aunty.”
    What they mean: Do I really know you?
  2. What they say: Photo wale bhaiya kitne poses aur banwaoge?
    What they mean: Agar picture acchi nahi aayi toh I’ll see you at the shop.
  3. What they say: “Wow! Night gown for my wedding gift.”
    What they mean: Color puch leti toh kuch ghis jata kiya?
  4. What they say: Yes darling, sure you look handsome in this Blue Sherwani.
    What they mean: Well, who is looking at you?
  5. What they say: No No…I am done. I can’t eat more!
    What they mean: These Gulab Jamun are just amazing. Kash koi mujhe dekh nhi rha hota…toh bus ek aur…! 
  6. What they say:“Hi Pooja, looking beautiful…which has designer saree?
    What they mean: Sorry, actually which local shop?


Dear readers, hope you would have loved this post? So, which thoughts were dazing in your mind when you were the bride?

Share it with us and have a laugh together!

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